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The wheels on a vehicle can help to change the look and style of any vehicle dramatically. The fact is, wheels entirely covered in brake dust are a complete eyesore and may detract from the overall look of a vehicle. However, wheels that look brand new can help make the car a real “head turner.” The good news is, it isn’t extremely time consuming or difficult to care for a vehicle’s wheels properly, as long as they are maintained regularly.

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Caring for the Vehicle’s Wheels

When caring for wheels, it’s a good idea to look for answers to common questions about them by visiting https://www.telletire.com.  After doing this an individual can use the tips here to take a proactive stance to care and maintenance.

Caring for the wheels involves properly removing any contamination, polishing the surface to reach a high shine, and protecting the surface, which makes cleaning them in the future easier. While stubborn brake dust may present a challenge when cleaning, it’s usually removable by using the proper tools and products.

How Often to Maintain and Clean the Wheels

It’s a good idea to maintain a vehicle’s wheels with soap and water and a dedicated wash mitt each time the vehicle is washed. For most people, this means every one to two weeks. A thorough cleaning of the wheels and layers of protection need to be done every two to three months.

How to Care for and Maintain Wheels

When cleaning and caring for a vehicle’s wheels, it’s important to have the proper tools and products. It’s also necessary to know about the type of wheels on a car, so the right products are used.

For example, if a driver has the factory alloy wheels, there’s a good chance there’s a layer of clear coat on them. This makes things easier. After all, the clear coating protects the wheels, allowing the driver to use a wide array of wheel cleaners without worrying about causing damage.

For upgraded or aftermarket wheels that feature bare metal or a polished finish, it’s necessary to clean them carefully. If not, then the wheels may begin to oxidize, causing potentially permanent damage.

When cleaning wheels on any vehicle, make sure they are completely cool. If a person has been out driving, even just a short distance, make sure plenty of time is given for them to cool off sufficiently before trying to clean them.

Spray the wheels with water to help cool them down faster, but remember, it could take more time. Also, clean the wheels in the shade when possible to help avoid watermarks, or rinse them regularly while in direct sunlight.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Wheels

The best way to clean and maintain the wheels properly is to use a wash mitt with automotive shampoo. This option is safe for all types of wheel finishes, and it means the driver doesn’t have to spend more money on potentially damaging wheel cleaners. In the long run, this also helps the driver save money on wheel maintenance and care.

This is an extremely effective way to provide care for the wheels on any vehicle.

Important Advice

For drivers who want to clean their tires and the body of the vehicle at the same time, it is best to clean the vehicle’s wheels first. By doing this, it can prevent any over-spray or grime from dirtying up the panels that were already washed.

Another bit of advice is that it’s not a good idea to wash the rims or tires when the surface is still hot (as mentioned above) or when the surface is in the direct sunlight. If the surface is hot when the wheels and tires are being cleaned, there’s a higher risk of the wheel cleaner drying on the surface before it’s washed off. Also, make sure the rims and tires are cool to the touch before starting the wash process, and only do this in a shaded area (if possible).

Protecting the Tires

Most people only think they are cleaning the tires on their vehicle to make them more aesthetically pleasing. However, the reality is that it’s also an important preventative maintenance step. Learn more about this here.

When cleaning the tires, the right cleaning method and products must be used. If possible, use the same cleaning product for rims and tires. This can help to loosen the accumulated brake dust that’s stuck in the small holes present in the metal, as well as the pores in the tire’s rubber. Try to find a product that is labeled as being safe for all wheels.

Avoid products that have raw silicone or formaldehyde listed as one of the ingredients. If a product with these ingredients is used, it can result in deterioration of the tire rubber. A common issue is that brown tires occur because a caustic degreaser was used for cleaning, or that there’s no tire protectant used. Remember, tires contain UV absorbers, antiozonants, and rubber conditioners to help preserve the flexibility of the tire’s material.

If the wrong cleaner is used, it may cause the elements mentioned above to leak out. This causes cracking and deterioration over time. If a driver fails to care for the tires properly, the rubber may begin to break down, which is a condition called dry rot.

Increase Tire Lifespan

With proper cleaning and maintenance for a vehicle’s tires, a driver can avoid situations like dry rot and help to give their tires and wheels a much longer lifespan. Make sure to use the tips above to avoid any damage and the need to replace the tires due to significant damage.

If the tires and wheels are extremely dirty, rather than trying to find a stronger cleaning agent, let the solution sit on the tire for a while. After that, use a bit of elbow grease to ensure they sparkle.

Keeping the Wheels Clean

While maintaining a vehicle’s wheels clean isn’t a particularly challenging task, the tips here can help ensure they look great and last. Don’t ignore the importance of cleaning wheels regularly and making sure they are in good condition and ready to go at all times.