You probably know the Ford brand. You know it has a long and storied history. You likely know that Ford makes several vehicle models that you might like. A Ford custom order might appeal to you if you’re going with one of their car models. There are some compelling reasons why you may do that, and we’ll talk about them right now.


You Can Investigate Some Dealer Incentives

If you custom order the Ford vehicle you want, you might get some dealer incentives that make this a more attractive prospect. Ford encourages custom ordering. They do this to save money on inventory manufacturing.

You might get an offer of bonus cash if you order a customized model. You may lock in a better interest rate or enjoy a longer warranty than you would otherwise get.

It’s Extremely Convenient

You can create a customized Ford while you’re sitting at home on your couch. You can just get on your laptop or tablet and start building your dream car from the ground up.

The company’s online system lets you put in your order, and then you just sit back while the vehicle gets created and shipped to a nearby dealership.

You Get the Exact Features You Want

If you go to a Ford dealership and start looking around, you might find something that’s more or less what you want. However, you almost always have to accept certain vehicle conditions that you don’t feel are ideal.

Maybe the color isn’t quite right, or you wanted a certain trim level that is not available. When you custom order a car, you can add the features you want to a model until it’s literally the exact car that you picture when fantasizing about a new vehicle.

It Does Not Take as Long as You Might Expect

Some people feel that if you custom order a car, it will take many months for the manufacturer to get it ready. Often, that’s not the case.

It’s true that manufacturing these cars can take 8-12 weeks in some instances, but you must also factor in that the factory prioritizes custom orders more than mass-production ones. Many times, you can have your new vehicle in less than a month.

You’re Not Paying for Features You Don’t Want

When you go and see what a Ford dealership has available, you also get offered a price tag on each model based on the trim package. Maybe a car you like has lots of things you feel you need, but it also has some that you think are extraneous.

If you custom order a car, you can get what you want, but you will also avoid getting everything that you don’t. That can be a difference of thousands of dollars in some instances. You can stay away from any extras that you think are pointless or less than desirable for your particular situation.

Custom ordering a Ford model becomes quite attractive if you take some time and consider all of these factors.