Suspension Damage test car suffers everyday

If you are new when it comes to cars and you want to know more about them and the different functionalities that they have, then you must take a look at this video. Over the years we have been through many videos from which we learnt a lot about cars, but we have not come across this one. Namely, in this video we are going to take a look at what is the suspension damage that your car suffers each day. Yes, the suspension is not something that you physically see every day, but it is time to learn everything about it.

Suspension Damage test car suffers everyday 2

Mainly, your shocks are suffering great damage due to many bumps on the road and in order for you to easily understand everything; there are couple of cameras mounted on the inside and under the car facing towards the suspension.

Hence Chris, the host in this video, is going to replace the shocks; we are going to see what the exact difference is between having old and rusted ones, and brand new shocks. The wheel is then taken out and we see the exact way that the suspension works.

Most of the suspension damage that takes place each day is going to cause your shocks to wear out at a specific mileage, so you are going to have to check them once in a while. What do you think, are you going to find this awesome video fairly useful for understating something more about cars?

Finally, check out the most common signs of suspension problems.