The Fanciest Cement Truck Designed By Benedetto Bufalino 2

Having your own unique vehicle is always exciting and challenging thing to do hence many people have already designed all sorts of cars. Hereby, this artist by the name of Benedetto Bufalino came up with a brilliant idea. Namely, instead of taking a car and modifying it, this guy took a cement truck and built something amazing. Yes, that is right, a cement truck! No matter how surprising this might sound, once you take a look at the truck, you are going to be absolutely amazing by it. So what is all about?

Fanciest Cement Truck Designed By Benedetto Bufalino 2

You might think that there is not much things that you can do or modify on such truck, but Benedetto Bufalino had something else in mind. He took the cement truck, couple of mirrors and built a disco ball!

Yes, not only that he glued the mirrors on the rotating piece at the back, he had even set up a whole light show. Indeed, the truck looks absolutely stunning and we can easily conclude that it surely is the most gorgeous cement truck in the world. Even though we see it action for just couple of seconds, it is still enough to see its true beauty.

The truck was parked in front of building in Lyon, France. It is called the Disco Ball Cement Mixer and many people were attracted by it. Imagine this thing driving into your neighborhood, what an amazing sight that would be. What do you think about this glorious modification?

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