Mechanic Tricks Fixd 11

Having and maintaining a car in the perfect shape is a no easy task and you are going to have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars at your local mechanic. However, people are always innovative and come up with amazing ideas that are going to make your life much easier. Hereby, in this video we take a look at this tool, tool that is going to save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars and the mechanics will no longer be able to play mechanic tricks on you and your car. So what is all about?

Mechanic Tricks Fixd 2

Well, this gadget is called the FIXD and it is basically a sensor. You can use it in any car that was made after 1996 and it is going to detect every problem that you have on it. It is time to see it in action. The gadget is connected to your phone and it gives you all the information about potential problems.

For example, this woman had a problem with her oil pressure sensor and she wanted to see if people are going to do any mechanic tricks on her. As expected, people think that women are easy target and the mechanic told her that she should fix many more parts than just the oil pressure sensor, something that is going to cost her lots of money.

The other day she visited another mechanic and the same thing happened. What do you think; will you ever purchase this amazing gadget?

At last, check out this mechanic brilliance!