Drifting Car Nearly Crashed Into NBC Storm Reporter 1

Even though we often say that you should keep your eyes open and look out for ruthless drivers while you are out there in the traffic, this is especially true if the weather conditions are bad. Your visibility is very low and there is no place for even the slightest of mistake. However, there are certain people who do not follow these recommendations and they always do things on their way. This is exactly what we see in this video where news reported nearly lost its life by a driver who was goofing around in the snow storm.

Drifting Car Nearly Crashed Into NBC Storm Reporter 2

Namely, the woman was just making a report on live TV about the awful snow storm that had been going on throughout the day and as we can see, there were just a few cars driving there. The road was in terrible and the snow prevented many people from getting out of their homes.

However, there are some people whom not even the worst snow storm can stop them from doing whatever they want. As we can see a car was making a turn at the intersection and it did that with style.

Instead of going slow and carefully, the driver began drifting the car and the news reporter was lucky enough that it was not injured. Namely, the driver passed so close that the woman felt that something wrong was going on behind her.

This is exactly why you should never drive in such manner in bad and relentless driving conditions!