Upcoming Ken Block Top Gear Episode 1

There are many things that we expect to happen in the next year that is just about to come, especially for us, car guys. The number of cars and innovations that are about to happen in 2018 is massive and the anticipation just keeps on building up and up. Hereby, before we wrap up this year, we see this amazing trailer of a Ken Block Top Gear episode that should be aired next year. This video will surely get you interested in, even though you might not watch them on a regular basis.

Upcoming Ken Block Top Gear Episode 2

But it is not just Ken Block that takes part in the episode, namely we also take a look at Matt LeBlanc, Rory Reid and Chris Harris as well. However, the main aspect of this Ken Block Top Gear is obviously Ken Block himself who plays the role of a cop who is chasing after the bad guys.

There are many things that happen solely in just these 30 seconds, and if that was the case, we simply cannot imagine what the full episode is going to look like.

Moreover, some of the most awesome cars feature in the video. Namely, Ken is chasing after the bad guys in his Polaris, whereas Matt LeBlanc is trying to run away from him in his yellow Ford Mustang.

Chris and Rory are behind the steering wheel in their mighty McLaren 570S. As it can be seen, Matt eventually ends up being caught by Ken and hands him in a fine!

Finally, check out this video where Ken Block drifts a truck!