Many Lives Were Saved By This Hurricane Rescue Truck 11

Checking out new heroic stories and watching people doing great deeds is always amazing and heart-warming. There are dozen of them that we have been through this year, but this we check out yet another one. You need to meet Moose, the guy who saved many people’s lives with his hurricane rescue vehicle. Yes, the massive truck that you see in this video is surely the vehicle that we must be most proud of when we remember the horrible floods that took place.

Hurricane Rescue Vehicle Moose 2

Even the guys from the firefighting squad said that if it was not for many guys like Moose, they would not have been able to save as many lives as they did. This Texan surely is proud of his, as he calls it, Monster Truck.

He says that it is a common thing to have such truck in Texas, but he was utterly happy that they found the proper use for it. The hurricane rescue vehicle is in fact a 1988 P30 Chevrolet Explorer and it is absolutely an all-American look.

Moose built the truck by himself and he took many weeks and weeks in designing the vehicle, and eventually, making it reality. When the floods took place, the time that they had to help all of the people who needed help was extremely small and they had to reach fast.

All thanks to his hurricane rescue vehicle, Moose and the firefighter squad from Texas managed to help a massive number of people in a heroic rescue mission!

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