Swedish Built Boat 1

Modifying a vehicle to the extreme limit is something fairly often done to cars and trucks, but if you thought that was it, you were most certainly wrong. There are certain people who enjoy into making something that the world has not seen so far, but doing it is extremely difficult. There are so many things and inventions that have been developed that making something unique can be quite the challenge. However, the manufacturer of this awesome built boat was lucky enough to take things a step forward than usual.

Swedish Built Boat 2

Yes indeed, he managed to make a powerful machine that can only be topped by few other such boats. But what is so special about it? Well, once you take a look at its power plant, you will soon realize that this Swedish built boat, called the S1 Svergie, has two massive V12 engines mounted at the back.

If installing one such engine was not enough for this powerful boat, how about two of them! The owner obviously wanted to make something incredible and he certainly did. We see the S1 Svergie as it is unloaded in the water and it is preparing for its first and initial test run.

This process has to be done nice and slow hence even the slightest mistake can cause thousands of dollars of damage. Once it is powered up, you can clearly hear those two mighty V12 engines in action.

Even though we do not know how much money it was necessary to build it, we are pretty sure that it is not cheap!

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