Dirty Leather Seats Clean 1

Maintaining the leather seats inside your car is something that many people find difficult and before they know, the seats get very dirty and some even begin to develop cracks. We know how expensive can their replacement be, so if you are willing to repair them on your own, we have something for you. In just 10 minutes and a little bit of cash, you will no longer have dirty leather seats, plus, those cracks are going to disappear. It is absolutely easy and everyone can do it; all you need is some paint and a lacquer thinner.

Dirty Leather Seats Clean 2

Make sure that the spray paint that you have is as close to the color of your leather as possibly you can. Take a clean towel and spray it for couple of times with the paint.

Put some of the lacquer thinner on there, which is going to activate the paint and enable you to spread a nice layer on your dirty leather seats. Simply take the towel and slowly and carefully apply it over the area.

You are going to see the difference immediately and it is going to blow your mind by how easy and simple it is. You can go through the whole video and see the massive difference that you are going to have on your seats and in just dozen of minutes, your leather seats are going to shine yet once again.

You can repeat the process for couple of times until you are satisfied with the result!

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