Detroit Diesel Engine Sound 1

There are just a few things that can get you powered up and excited whenever you take a look at them. They are so special and unique that no matter how often you see them, they still have something in them. One such thing surely is the Diesel engine sound. It is a sound that each and every one of us wants to hear hence there is something special about them, something that makes you fall in love with it and something that will get you very excited. Nothing gets better than listening to a bunch of those sounds into one special video.

Detroit Diesel Engine Sound 2

First of all we take a look at a real piece of history, the 1948 Diamond-T truck that has the Detroit Diesel 453T engine. The owner decided to install a camera on the inside and power it up.

Even though it might seem that it cannot do much hence its rust, the diesel engine sound that is created is something that will prove you wrong. It is a real pleasure taking a good listen at this robust piece of metal in action.

Next, we take a look at the 1959 Cannoball. The truck that has a 6cc Detroit engine and watching it in action is a magnificent feeling. The owner knows every about it and he drives it with pure elegance.

The camera is mounted on the passenger seat, thus we get the chance to take a look at the whole cabin that looks so cool. What an awesome feeling!

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