This Detroit Diesel 12v71 Sounds Like A Monster On A Cold Start 1

The number of people who have troubles with starting their own car on a cold and snowy day is massive. They are constantly struggling to do so, but eventually end up in completely juicing out their battery. Well, certain robust big vehicles do not have any like problems and we get the chance to see one in action. Namely, this Detroit Diesel 12v71 semi truck performs a cold start and revs its engine, thus making a sound that all of us are going to enjoy it. It takes just couple of seconds until it is started.

This Detroit Diesel 12v71 Sounds Like A Monster On A Cold Start 2

This 1971 Kenworth Cab has got the gorgeous and extremely powerful Detroit Diesel 12v71 engine in it, which is a two stroke V12 with 6-71 blowers and dual 5” straight pipes.

It was a really cold day, 35*f to be precise, and if you though that the semi truck had no chance of being powered up, you were most certainly wrong. H

earing to that awesome engine in action on a cold day is a glorious thing, and once its revs idle soon after, it sounds even better. Once we take in consideration the year that this truck was made and the engine it has, we must admit that we are absolutely pleasantly surprised by its capabilities and power.

The owner of this awesome semi truck must a lucky guy and we are most certain that it going to stay in service for a long time. This is what a robust machine looks like in action!