What Happens When You Fill Up Your Car With On Coca-Cola 1

There have been some absolutely crazy and unbelievable experiments that people have done over the years with their cars. Moreover, there are also those theories and dilemmas that people put them to the test to give us the answer if they are true or false. Hereby, in this video we take a look and put an end to such theory. Namely, it had been speculated that a Coca-Cola fuel will actually enable your car to work like a charm. Yes, pouring some regular Coca-Cola in your gas tank is something that this guy did.

What Happens When You Fill Up Your Car With On Coca-Cola 2

Namely, he took two liter bottle of it and poured it in his gas tank. Even though there was some actual fuel left previously, there was not enough for the car to go far. Even though at the start the car worked just fine and there was not a single flaw with it, soon after the problems arrived.

The engine began working badly and just couple of seconds later, the check engine light appeared on the gauge. It took just a minute or so until the car was completely dead and it could not have been started again. The guys had to take it to the mechanic.

The cost of the repair was way more than the car cost to buy at first place. This video proves that a Coca-Cola fuel cannot be used as a substitute to you regular fuel.

On the contrary, you can make it even worse. Now you know that you should never do it!