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Is there a more American vehicle than the wonderful semi truck? We see these massive trucks in convoys across the freeways of the USA, plugging on bravely and keeping us going. Did you know that the vast majority of goods transported from one place to another in the USA go by road? It’s the most convenient method of transport, after all. Semi trucks are the giants of the road, and they live a hard life. Dedicated truckers keep them going, and the mileage they do in a given year can be colossal. This is why truckers and fleet managers need access to a quality and reliable semi truck accessories company so they can keep their trucks running.

What are the parts of a semi that need replacing? Let’s have a look more closely at what makes a semi truck go.

What Semi Truck Parts Need Replacing?

If you check out Premium Aftermarket Semi Truck Accessories | Shift Products you’ll get a good idea of what replacement parts and accessories you can get for a semi truck. These vehicles are very heavy and they work hard. Think about when you brake in your family car; the braking power of a semi needs to be far more than that to bring such a massive and heavy vehicle to a stop.

Then there is the clutch. A big truck will have a complex transmission to allow for all the power to be transferred to the wheels effectively with as little waste as possible. So, we can imagine that the braking systems – which are usually hydraulic – and the transmission and clutch will need regular checks and maintenance.

Next you need to think about the tyres. Truck tyres are the connection between the vehicle and the road, and they will eventually need replacing or they will fail. Truck tyres wear more quickly than those on your regular car as they go through long distances very quickly.

Other parts that need replacing include all the moving parts of the vehicle, the electrical systems, and fluids such as hydraulics and oil for lubrication. The semi truck is a far more complex vehicle than a regular car or even a smaller truck and needs specialist attention often. Let’s talk about what should be checked on a semi truck and when.

How Often Should I Check my Semi Truck?

The correct answer to the above is ‘every time you go to get in it!’ A good driver will naturally check over the hydraulic cables, the tyres, and all systems that are in place for safety reasons. They will also make sure that the lights and indicators are operating. A semi is designed to have a cab that can be separated from the trailer. When a trailer is hooked up, it is essential that the connections between it and the cab are checked and secure.

Trucks of this size and colossal power are dangerous. It is for this reason that trucks need to be passed as safe before they take to the road. A truck should also be serviced regularly, more so than a car, in order to ensure it is safe and roadworthy. This should always be done by a specialist truck service center and not as a DIY job.

Semi trucks are part of the USA and we remain proud of our trucking heritage, so make sure yours is serviced regularly, and that you source accessories and spare parts from a reputable supplier such as the one we gave you a link for above. Keep your truck running and working with regular attention.