Young Woman She CAN Drift Leona Chin 2

The fact that we have taken a look at dozens and dozens of videos where people are often disguised into someone else and they do the craziest of thins will not diminish the coolness of this video. Many social tests have been created by people who wanted to find out a common man’s reaction to the craziest of situations and this is exactly why we take a look at this young woman. Namely, all she wanted to do is to buy her own car and take it out for a ride. However, it was certain that she did not know anything about cars.

Young Woman She CAN Drift Leona Chin 1

But was it really so? Did not she know anything about cars at all? Well, it is time to find out the answer. The salesperson surely thought so when he had to explain to the young woman even the most basic things about cars, such as what is a shifter and how does it work.

Soon after, she requested to take the car out for a test drive and at first, the salesperson drove. However, when she sat behind the wheels, each and every one of them got shocked.

She began driving very fast and even though at first it seemed like she did not know what she was doing, in fact she did.

She is a professional driver who wanted to see the reaction of people when they see a young woman that is capable of driving as good as other male drivers can!

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