Alcohol Dispenser In Your Car 111

People say that you should always consider your car as your second home, and based on previous experience, this most certainly is true. This is exactly why we have been through many amazing and unique inventions that you can fairly easy and without any effort install in your car. Anyway, some people tend to take a step forward and to the next level, and they make stuff that we would all really love. For that matter, we take a look at this awesome alcohol dispenser that you can now install in your car!

Alcohol Dispenser In Your Car 2

These guys have probably just come up with the simplest, yet the most ingenious of an idea, when they decided to actually make this thing a reality. At the start of the video we see the guy pouring the alcohol in the white container under the hood.

Even though at first we think that the car is actually going to be powered by it, we soon realize its true use. Inside the car, there is a little alcohol dispenser that the only thing it takes for you to do is to press the handle and you are done.

You will no longer have to worry about your drink spilling everywhere around your car. However, we would never recommend that you should drink and drive at the same time.

So, instead of putting alcohol in the container, you might just put your favorite soda or energy drink. This probably is one of the best ideas that we have seen in a while!

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