Heres Why Scott Left Counting Cars 1

Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty remarkable and unforgettable TV shows that managed to leave a powerful legacy. On the History Channel we’ve seen some pretty great shows and Counting Cars is definitely one of them. However, there has been a very tough period for this show when one of their stars left the show. We are talking about Scott Jones who was definitely one of the fan’s favorite stars on the show.

Heres Why Scott Left Counting Cars 2

There are several reasons circulating around the media on why Scott Jones left Counting Cars. In this video, you can see some of the moments highlighting his career which will make you nostalgic for sure. You will also receive an exclusive tour of his remarkable car shop. However, let’s get back to the reasons on why Scott decided to leave Counting Cars.

One theory says that Scott left Counting Cars because he was blamed for embezzlement. Because he was heavily involved in the business and financial politics of the show, there’s been some nasty speculation on what he has been doing behind the cameras. Because of this he decided to quit and spare the potential fallout that might’ve followed.

Nevertheless, other theories are not so nasty and say that Scott Jones was just simply homesick and simply wanted to go home and spend more time with his friends and family.

This looks like very probable considering he was saying that he was fed up with staying so far away from home. Whatever the case may be, Scott Jones managed to leave a huge legacy for the entire gearhead world to bask upon.

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