1000HP Hellcat ChallengerShootingFlames Having Fun in the Snow 1

There are numerous things that people would like to do to their cars and modify them for various purposes and uses. However, it seems that nothing can get better than taking a super powerful stock car and taking it a step further. This is where some amazing things can happen and even though you could not tell the difference from the outside, what is under the hood is of top most importance. Hereby, we take a look at this powerfully modified 2017 Hellcat Challenger as it has some great time in the snow.

1000HP Hellcat ChallengerShootingFlames Having Fun in the Snow 2

Yes, even though some of you might not tell the difference but this is not your ordinary and common 2017 Hellcat Challenger. Hence this guy uses the car as daily drive he wanted to have as much fun with it as possible.

This is why he changed couple of things and made this monster even more powerful. It can currently produce over 1,000 HP. Taking this car to a whole new level is something way better and more amazing. Performing those drifts and drags on the snow is something every car fan would want to see.

There are flames coming out from the exhaust and it forms the perfect contrast with the snow. You will be shocked and amazed at the same time, once you see what this guy managed to change and modify on his car.

It really is something special and something that every car fanatic would want to have, or at least have a ride in one!