chevy bolt real threat

Just couple of years ago, when the electric vehicle industry began to appear, not much was available. However, ever since then, many great things have taken place which satisfied customers worldwide. One such example was the emergence of a true beast, Elon Musk with his Tesla. It created an absolute boom in the car industry and many saw it as the future. But things are not looking bright for the company these days. The company is facing some serious problems and competition. One of those reasons probably is the Chevy Bolt. The guys from General Motors claimed that the Bolt is capable of having a range of over 200 miles. This is something that Tesla was not able to do it beforehand. Ever since, Tesla began to have some troubles with the sales of their vehicles. So what had actually happened?

chevy bolt real threat 1

Well, Gordon Johnson made an incredible report on all that is going on in this business. For those of you who don’t know, Gordon is a bear on solar-energy stock. He knows everything when it comes to these vehicles. This is why he took his time and explained the Chevy Bolt situation. He says that there is a range of similar vehicles supposed to hit the market by 2022. Is this a real threat to Tesla? You bet it is! Moreover, as Johnson says, Tesla is going to raise equity for its latest models, such as the Model Y. These projects require greater capital, which is something that will be a challenge to the company. We are not talking about millions though. Yes, as much as three billion are on the line. Could Tesla get over this obstacle? Well, it seems that we have to wait and see!
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Before you go, make sure to take a sneak peak at the Tesla Model Y!