Awesome Sequential Shifter 1

If you are familiar just a little bit when it comes to the world of racing and some of the cool breakthroughs that have taken place there, then you know that it is very dynamic. Lots of things are happening really fast and professional racers need to keep with the latest piece of technology if they want to have good results. This is exactly why we love checking out what these cars have to offer. In this instance, we take a look at the sequential shifter, its functionality and practicality, and what difference does it makes.

Awesome Sequential Shifter 2

As we can see in the first video, a sequential shifter enables the drivers to shift through the gears much faster and much safer. This basically implies that you will no longer have to worry about accidental gear skip.

All you have to do is to move the stick shift up and down; the transmission is going to do the entire job for you. But we do not stop here. Namely, we take a look at many, many other drivers who decided to install this awesome sequential shifter in their car.

Some do it purely out of fun and joy, whereas some do it because they need it; hence they compete in professional competition where the stakes are very high.

It does make a huge difference between a normal manual transmission car, and once you install one in your car, you will never want to take it out ever again. It is that good!

Finally, get ready to swell all over these shifters!