The LaFerrari Supercar Has The Best Sounding V12 Engine!

In case you did not know, it is a very simple sentence: The LaFerrari Supercar is one of the best automobiles that you can buy! Why is it so? That will be explained and be clear after you take a look at this footage. The video shows a frame filmed from the passenger seat where all the excitement happens! Many would be afraid and probably ask the driver to stop, but here is what happened here. To be honest, it is quite normal for this ride to be so wild and naughty. First of all, the LaFerrari supercar was auctioned for $7 M!

LaFerrari Supercar Sounding V12 Engine 2

For that amount of money, it better be firing flames out of the exhaust if not rainbows. The LaFerrari, translated as TheFerrari is the most valuable vehicle of the 21st century. Moreover, this car is considered to be the first mild hybrid car made by Ferrari. It provides the highest output power as it decreases consumption of fuel by 40% in the same time!

However, the car has the famous 6.2 L V12 – Ferrari F140 engine under the good! The predecessor of the F133 engine easily develops 789 horsepower at 9K rpm along with 520 lb/ft of torque! Knowing all this, the LaFerrari Supercar easily reaches the top speed of 217 miles per hour! Moreover, the vehicle reaches 60 miles per hour in mere seconds, or 2.4 to be more exact. So, this honey really is something, huh? Check out the video below and share your opinion with us!

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