GM Announced Their Cruise AV Self-Driving Car 1

The future of the production of cars looks bright and we are even now witnessing what the future is in fact going to look like. The idea of an autonomous vehicle has been around for quite a while now and many manufacturers are putting their effort into making something unique and incredible. Even though Renault seems to be closest to fulfilling this, GM just announced that a huge thing is about to happen in the year of 2019. So what can be so special about the Cruise AV that no other car has had so far?

GM Announced Their Cruise AV Self-Driving Car 2

Well, the answer is pretty simple and you are going to be absolutely astonished by it. Namely, this is going to be the first car that will not have a steering wheel on the inside. Yes, you heard it right!

The Cruise AV is not going to have a steering wheel and there is going to be only one centre console. This basically changes the way that cars are going to be made in the future and if we ought to believe that this is in fact going to be true, we cannot wait for it!

There is no any other peculiar detail about the self-driving but we are pretty sure that this will in fact become a reality in the future.

With a simple press of a button you are going to be able to get to the destination that you wanted to go. What an news this is for every car lover!