Land Rover Defender VS Land Cruiser Tug Of War 1

Just like wrestling, the automotive competition between vehicles serve exactly the same purpose which is to showcase extremely competitive gearheads that they are stronger than their opponents. Even though these kind of duels can go extremely wrong sometimes, they always manage to entertain spectators nevertheless. In these tug of war we can see two different machines. In one corner you can see a powerful Land Rover Defender while in the other a massive Land Cruiser.

Land Rover Defender VS Land Cruiser Tug Of War 2

The clash is very interesting because these two brands are huge rivals in its respected fields. Unfortunately, Jaguar Land Rover has ceased production of this iconic Defender model. The basic Land Rover Defender design is a pioneering innovation and has been manufactured for 68 years.

It was widely popular with many British celebrities such as actor Steve McQueel, Beatles’ Paul McCartney and Queen Elizabeth II. However, even though production has ceased, Jaguar Land Rover is making plans to replace it. Inspired by modern technology, it’s likely to be replaced by a consumer-friendly model, built for passengers rather than agriculture.

The Land Cruiser is also a very famous off-road vehicle. It’s currently the vehicle with the biggest history in the entire Toyota lineup. You can find the Cruiser’s origins in the BJ which was built in 1951. However, the name Land Cruiser was used since 1955.

The Land Cruiser has really evolved nicely along the years. However, what we want to find out is how it can handle tug of wars? Well, in this video you can see this great battle between these two rivals. We don’t want to spoil the outcome for you so take a look in the video below and enjoy the mighty duel.

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