Four Generations Of Honda Civic Type R Cars In A Drag Race 1

This short drag racing video by UK’s Carwow managed to put together four of the most recent Honda Civic Type R Cars and plus the special edition FN2 Mugen for good measure. They did this in order to find out which Type R generation would be the victor in a head-to-head drag racing comparison. The competition is consisted of several rounds.
The first round is a drag race with 5 cars that begin from standing start. This round deliver mostly unsurprising results.

Four Generations Of Honda Civic Type R Cars Drag Race 2

The brand new FK 8 managed to conquer the drag strip in just 13.9 sec because of its 306HP on tap. It’s also unsurprising that there was a very close finish between the FN2 and the EP3 because these cars have similar HP figures.

However, the second round which is a rolling drag race provides more interesting results. Nevertheless, the third round which is the braking test that features 70mph braking is the most surprising.

It also has a short road distance test. Here, Mat Watson delivers a simple and subjective classification of all the CTRs. He says that the FN2 model is his least favorite. It might be pure nostalgia, but Watson ranks the EP3 model as his favorite. The EP3 might be the slowest both on the straights and the corners. It also lacks braking power.

However, it really has the best aesthetics and it might come with the best connected driving experience of the bunch. This definitely speaks volumes. Which one of these Honda Civic Type R cars is your favorite?

At last, is this the best Honda Civic in the world?!