Neighbor Revenge Idle 1

People can be really annoying at times without even the slightest reason for behaving like that. There have been many situations that have been caught on tape where escalated to a whole new level, and the cops had to be called. Having a neighbor that is constantly complaining about some really basic and normal stuff is guaranteed to make you go crazy. This is exactly what this guy experienced and he decided to make the best neighbor revenge that we have seen in a while. The reason behind the woman’s complains is shocking.

Neighbor Revenge Idle 2

Namely, whenever the guy was leaving his home to go to work at exactly 8:30 in the morning, the woman living next to him complained all the time about his car idling for 30 seconds.

Yes, the guy was not standing there for longer than a minute and the car was in fact really quiet, yet his neighbor had something to say anytime. Well, it was finally time for a neighbor revenge that she will never forget.

Namely, he was a hardcore gearhead who had many friends with powerful and very loud cars, and he decided to give her the surprise of her life. They gathered up in front of her house and were constantly reving their engines, which was probably something that caused the woman to go crazy.

A police car arrived soon after, but it was not because of the loud cars there. Namely, they were looking for some information about gunshots. What an awesome way to get revenge on your neighbor!

At last, these neighbors went hiding in their garage after this Nissan burnout!