Girls React P100D Tesla Launch 1

The massive progress that has been noticed this year in the car industry has led to the creation of some of the most amazing and powerful cars of all time. It seems that we are slowly shifting towards electric cars, which is why Tesla has had a great year and launched several beastly cars. We, car fans and lovers, are aware of how powerful their cars might be, but the reaction of a normal person who is not much into cars is what matters. Hereby, this guy wanted to see these girls’ reaction to his Tesla launch.

Girls React P100D Tesla Launch 2

Yes, he picked them up and wanted to show them what his Tesla P100D is actually capable off. Even at the start the girls are impressed by the car but once he pressed the gas pedal to the max, they were absolutely impressed. The satisfaction could have been seen in their eyes; however, they were really scared.

They even tell him to stop for couple of times hence this Tesla launch is not something that everyone can withstand. Nonetheless, they are having some great and quality time inside the car and he even takes them through some of the features that the Tesla P100D has on the inside.

The guy however, is really cautious and tries to have a really safe drive hence damaging that expensive car is going to cost you a fortune to fix. When it all ended and the girls could finally stand on their feet, it was such a relief to them!

At last, here is everything you need to know about this car!