Mini Subwoofer smallest world 1

In most aspects of life, various things have become more compact. However, it seems like things are different in the vehicle audio world where the larger the speaker the better. Now, we are fully aware that all of the technology in that world has also evolved into being more compact. However, something about delivering a massive speaker makes the build seem more impressive. In this one, we have the complete opposite in that world which is a mini subwoofer.

Mini Subwoofer smallest world 2

This mini subwoofer is only 25mm and is perhaps the smallest in the world. It’s created by one audio enthusiast that goes by the name of Mark Anthony T. Montero. Instead of building subwoofers that span massive diameters with one tiny and very cute subwoofer.

Nevertheless, even though this mini subwoofer does not have a massive size, it certainly looks like it can manage to hit very good considering everything. However, we are not sure what type of application you can use to plug this in.

Maybe this can be something nice for the RC world to explore a bit? Maybe use it in a scaled-down vehicle or something? We are sure this tiny subwoofer can have a purpose in life.

While we are not sure for what this was designed exactly, we are sure that the creator of this mini subwoofer invested a lot of hours and work into making this tiny speaker come to life. The longer we look at it, it becomes more intriguing. It drops some bass in a very unique way.

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