17 Years To Build This Lamborghini Countach 1

People are simply prone to coming up with different ideas and plans for their next project and no matter how challenging it might sound, they will eventually finish it. Even though some quit after years and years of hard effort, there are some who would simply do anything, no matter how long it might take them to do it. Hereby, to prove that this theory is in fact true, we take a look at the guy who built his very own Lamborghini Countach. Yes, you heard it right! He managed to build this crazy machine all on his own.

17 Years To Build This Lamborghini Countach 3

However, it took him over 17 years to complete it. There have been difficult times and not many things were going as smooth as he hoped for at the start, nothing could have stopped him from fulfilling his very own dream car.

Piece by piece, the car was slowly coming to life. The wooden frame helped him to put and weld everything together and we surely must give credit to this man because his very own Lamborghini Countach does indeed look amazing and pretty accurate to the original version.

When it was finally time to put the engine in place, he did every step nice and slow hence even the slightest of mistake could have cause his project to last even longer than 17 years.

Make sure to go through every second of the video and find out the exact way that he managed to make this complex idea into reality!

At last, take a moment and watch as this 5 flat building collapses over a vehicle!