You Will No Longer Need A Tire Replacement With This Hack 11

If you are stuck with a flat tire, you could end up being stranded. This is the kind of car problem that occurs all too often and is a big bummer. Nobody wants to be stuck on the road but the good news is that this problem is easy to fix in just five easy steps. Before actually change a tire, there are a few things to keep in mind.

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Step 1 – Ready Your Car

For one, you need to ensure that your vehicle is in first gear or reverse gear. If you have an automatic, then you need to set the parking brake before trying to change the tire.

It also helps if you place a piece of wood in front as well as in the back of the tires opposite to the flat tire.

Make sure that your car is off the road before changing the tire and do not get under the car once it is on the jack.

The good news is you probably have all the tools required to change your tire in your car.

You probably have a spare tire and a diamond jack as well as a tire iron. Now, armed with these items, you can set about changing your tire in four more easy steps.

Step 2 – Unscrew the Lug Nuts

Before you set your car on the jack, make sure that you loosen the lugs on the wheel. These lugs will be quite tight, so you will need to do more than use hand force.

To loosen the lugs, place the tire iron on the lug you want to loosen and then put your foot on the iron and use your weight to unscrew the lug. Some amount of springing up and down may be required to get the lugs loose.

However, after loosening the lugs, do not make the mistake of stripping the lugs and also apply pressure in the proper direction.

Step 3 – Raise Your Car on the Jack

This is a part that you probably do not like to do but do not allow yourself to be intimidated. It is an essential part of changing the tire. If you have the funds, you may want to use a high-quality jack.

You may want to check out the benefits of using tire repair kits. They help you save money, save time, and are a complete set and so, ensure that you will be able to drive safely.

Otherwise, you can use the diamond jack and twist the lever in the clockwise direction to raise the vehicle.

Keep in mind that when you are raising the car, you should place the jack in the right position under the car. The right position is one that allows the frame of your car to be raised correctly. 

Step 4–Remove the old tire and replace with the new one

Since you have loosened the lugs, it only requires you to unscrew the lugs completely so that they can be removed. Once all the lugs have been removed, you can then remove the old tire and replace with the new one.

When replacing the tire, make sure the tire matches up the holes on the rim. Once you have replaced the old tire with the new one, you will then need to tighten the nuts with your hand.

After tightening the nuts as tightly as possible, you can then lower your car in a slow and gradual manner.

Keep in mind that you should only try to tighten the nuts with your hand and make sure the tire does not rotate when you are tightening the nuts.

Step 5–Screw the Nuts Tightly

Once you have lowered your car to the ground, you are now ready to complete the last step of changing your tire. Use the tire iron to tighten up the nuts one by one.

Keep in mind that you should tighten the nuts diagonally meaning that after tightening one nut, you should then tighten the nut that is located diagonally opposite that nut.

This helps to ensure that you can tighten the nuts evenly and that is important to prevent your car tire from wobbling when you are driving the car. Once all the nuts are firmly tightened, you are now ready to drive your car.

Keep in mind that the spare tire is not meant to work as quickly as the regular tire. So, make sure you visit a dealer or mechanic to get a full-size tire put on as quickly as you can.