This RC Rocket Vehicle Launches High In The Sky 1

The RC community is so committed that there’s nothing they won’t dare to build. When these RC masters build something, you know it’s going to be great because most of them possess infinite creativity that offers endless possibilities. In this one, we have one very exciting project done by a RC enthusiast named Chris. This guy created the most insane RC rocket vehicle ever seen.

RC Rocket Vehicle Launches High 2

It’s a RC monster truck of sorts with two small rockets strapped in the back. It’s a neat little monster truck and the guy who built it had great attention to detail. It really looks awesome. It also makes a great sound when the engine is cranked up. Now comes the crazy part.

When this RC rocket vehicle is fired up, the rockets are activated and the truck accelerates with the sound of speed. Up next, it uses a stone pillar as a launching ramp and it goes high in the sky till it’s invisible by the naked eye. This is some pretty crazy stuff, right?

Actually, it’s too crazy to be true. As you might’ve noticed, this is all physically impossible. This RC rocket vehicle literally defies every law of physics there is. That said there’s nothing you can’t make with a little bit of CGI.

Obviously this guy is handy with software like After Effects and managed to produce one fake but very entertaining video nevertheless. The most hilarious thing in this video is the commando that catapults from his rocket vehicle and comes down with a parachute.

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