RC Scania Truck 2

This insane RC Scania truck is the ultimate wish for a Christmas present. If you are a RC enthusiast you will most definitely crave for this thing. Fortunately, it’s not that late, you can still write a letter to Santa. Now, we don’t know who build this but it is one marvel of RC automotive technology. We know that it’s powered by a V8 engine and the attention to detail done on this RC creation is just out of this world.


This just goes to prove how huge the RC world is and how creative these hobbyists can be. However, this could be also manufactured by some RC company like Tamiya who manufactures all types of RC scaled down vehicles. All of them vary in complexity. However, this RC Scania truck is definitely some top of the line craftsmanship.

Both the front end and the rear end are insanely accurate. We just wonder whether this truck comes with a trailer or not. We are positive that it can tow a huge trailer behind it due to its extraordinary V8 power.

Now, if these guys managed to build this entire truck by themselves we can safely say that they are geniuses. Having the skillset to build something like this without using any prefabricated kits is downright insane.

Without using kits like this, the difficulty of completing a project like this shoots up dramatically, because you have to do manufacturing and not just assembly. In the video below, you can see this RC Scania truck going for a spin. Enjoy!

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