There are certain people who love to push their cars to the upmost limit in search of glory and success. You do not have to be a professional racer if you want to achieve this, however, keep in mind that you are responsible for your own safety. All of you are already familiar with the mighty Tesla P100D and its true abilities. This monster broke many records once it was launched for serial production and many people fell in love it. Well, this time we check it out in some furious street racing awesomeness.

Tesla P100D Goes For A FuriousDrag Racing Against Gas Cars 2

Yes, watching this monster in action is something awesome, but watching it go against other cars on the road is something even better. However, this specific Tesla has been somewhat modified.

Namely, in order to save weight, the guys stripped down the car to bare minimum and it has only the parts that are necessary for the car to function without any problem.

Most of the interior has been removed, such as the trunk, the rear seats and the door panels. Once everything was nice and ready and the cars were lined up for the start, this furious street racing event began.

Some of the cars that the Tesla P100D went against were extremely powerful and fast, however, it did not have any problems at all in winning all of the races.

One of the reasons that this specific Tesla is so fast is the fact that the weight reduction enables it to move much faster than the stock version!