The Rust Treatment That Will Extend The Lifespan Of Your Car 11

Having a really expensive car or you are simply a person who loves to take care of his vehicle, there are many different methods and ways which you can achieve absolute perfection. We have previously taken a look at quite a few of them and this time we see yet another one. Having rusty spots on your car is a common issue and many people are having big troubles with it, but with this simple and inexpensive rust treatment method, you are going to get rid of them. It costs just $10 and you can choose from three different alternatives.

Rust Treatment That Will Extend The Lifespan Of Your Car 2

You can do this method to different critical spots on your car where rust usually appears, but we are going to stick to the doors. Hence water collects at the bottom between the two pieces of metal; we want to apply a coat of protective layer.

You can use petroleum jelly, transmission fluid or mineral oil. Take a long piece of thin rod and slide it in between the window opening. Close the drain holes at the bottom and pour in the liquid of your choice.

Let it soak in a little bit and then you can drain it. This rust treatment is going to prevent the oxidization process, thus keep your car rust-free for a long time.

In just matter of minutes and a little bit of effort, this inexpensive DIY method is the best way to prevent from rust appearing anywhere on your car. You are going to love it!

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