Never Told Truth About The Legendary Mythbusters 1

If you have been following your favorite TV show for a long, long time, you might just think that you know every single detail about it. However, the reality is somewhat different and what is happening behind those cameras might never be told. This is your perfect chance to know the real truth about the show that we all loved watching for whooping 14 years straight. Of course we are talking about the one and only Mythbusters. Year after year, season after season, they have been busting myths, thus keeping their fans entertained throughout.

Never Told Truth About The Legendary Mythbusters 2

However, even though everything seemed perfect on screen, the real truth about some parts of the show is different. For example, the basic scheme for the show was supposed to work on actual myths that we come across on daily basis.

However, over the years the show has shifted premise to somewhat more popular things, which was a way to keep its current fans entertained and make new ones fall in love with the show.

Another real truth that was shared by Adam back in 2016 was that they had to destroy some evidence from the public and the footage, which was the only way that they could make sure no one, would see it.

But would they do that? Well, they came up with an explosive that was so unstable and powerful that many amateurs would try using it, thus eventually causing many injuries and accidents. Now you know something more about one of your favorite TV shows ever!