Tesla Mode X vs Hammer H2 - Tug Of War 2

Whenever we come across an interesting test that the owners put their cars to, we all love to take a look to the very last second of it and the very last piece of information that they have. We have been through some awesome such tests over the years, however, this intense tug of war might just give us some answers and it just might prove which of these two cars is better. Namely, on the one end you are going to find the mighty 2016 Tesla Model X P90DL AWD, which weighs about 5730 lbs and can make up to 670 HP.

Tesla Mode X vs Hammer H2 - Tug Of War 1

On the other end of the this intense tug of war we take a look at the extremely powerful 2003 Hummer H2, which features a 6L Vortec V8 AWD engine. The car can make up to 321 HP and weighs about 7050 HP.

Even though it might seem like the Hummer is the far inferior side when it comes to power, the actual race is going to prove to you something else. They run three difference rounds on three different surfaces, just so they could have the most accurate results.

At the first one, which is on wet tarmac, the Hummer holds on just fine at the start and then easily takes over the mighty Tesla, all enabled by the great traction control.

The second test on wet steel has somewhat the same results as the first one, whereas the third one was won by the Tesla Model X P90DL AWD!