1200HP Nissan Skyline Tunnel 1

Certain things seem to be more interesting than others, even though we might be talking about the same situation. For example, a street race just might be a little bit more exciting for you than a race on the tracks which is followed by many spectators. This is probably due to the fact that while you are in a race on a public road, you would have to watch out for everything. This is something that surely this awesome 1200HP Nissan Skyline knew when he decided to rush down through a tunnel at a very high speed.

1200HP Nissan Skyline Tunnel 2

You must be wondering how a Nissan could be so powerful. Well, we find the answer in its engine. It has got a 2700cc 24 valve engine with two Garret T67 turbos and three Bosch fuel pumps.

All of this enables the 1200HP Nissan Skyline to go from 0 to 200mph in just 23.99 seconds. Just as everything was ready and all of the cameras were mounted in place, the run could begin.

The mighty car begins to gain massive speed even at the start and it does not take much until it breaks the 200mph barrier. However, not only they managed to do so, but they managed to reach a top speed of huge 203mph.

Everyone there was super excited about this awesome achievement. The sound that was created by the car inside the tunnel is something that will make your blood boil and your heart to beat fast. How brilliant this machine is!

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