Dump trucks are among the most powerful machines on Earth that people use on daily basis. And driving such a truck requires serious skills and brains. Just as a backhoe loader does. But, these guys you are about to see in the video may not be the most suitable candidates for the jobs they have. We are not judging, just assuming on basis of the video. So, what do we have here? One CAT backhoe loader with a MASSIVE round rock in its bucket and a dump truck waiting to be loaded. Many of us would think that the truck’s tailgate is supposed to be opened so the rock can be loaded but NO!

These brainiacs havedecided that the best way to finish the job is to DROP the huge rock from above! Well, kudos to that! Off they go, the CAT backhoe loader raises its bucket, the rock starts sliding and falls in the dump truck like a meteorite hits the Earth. Who knows how big is the damage? Well, it certainly isn’t small! For starters, one large dent on the floor of the truck’s body, then huge stress to the air suspension, and finally a distortion maybe! We don’t know about you, but this is one of the dumbest things we’ve ever witnessed. See it for yourself.

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