homemade rocket launch date 1

Whenever we hear exciting news about certain projects concerning cars and trucks we instantly get excited and wish to know more. However, there is another category that surely will prove us just we love people working individually on their own projects. Namely, as you might already know, Mike Hughes has just announced the new launch date for his homemade rocket. Yes, taking a project this serious at home is something possible and we all here to see just how Mike did it.

homemade rocket launch date 2

Unfortunately, not everything always goes as planned and due to some technical issues that “Mad” Mike had with his homemade rocket, he decided that the launch was supposed to be postponed.

It will take some time until his rocket is in perfect shape and hence even if he makes the slightest of mistake, it is going to be an utter disaster. His fully-functional homemade rocket was about to be launched on February 3, and as he said on his Facebook profile, he would not want any spectators near.

Any drones near the private property are going to be shot down, so make sure you will not get into any trouble with it. We just cannot wait to hear more about his awesome project!

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