Raw Footage From The Dodge Viper Crash at Cars Coffee 1


Purchasing a brand new vehicle that is extremely expensive means that you need to take care of it as much as you can. However, there are situations or accidents in which there is nothing that we can do and they are prior to happening. Hereby, we take a look at this video in which we see an utterly awful Dodge Viper crash. Even though there was not much damage to the exterior of the car, the front left wheel was absolutely wrecked. The driver and the passenger were just fine, though they were in shock.

Raw Footage From The Dodge Viper Crash at Cars Coffee 2

So what had actually happened and how did this Dodge Viper crash take place? Well, the driver wanted to make something special for the guys who were filming him from just besides the road so he decided to accelerate right away. This is where things got out of control. The Dodge Viper driver lost control over his vehicles, thus causing his front part to shift to the left, eventually crashing.

The people who were filming rushed towards the car but there was nothing that they could do. Unfortunately enough, there were some who were laughing, thus showing no respect for the inexperienced driver and his expensive car. Soon after a tow truck arrived and took the car that was unable to move anymore. These scenes were made from the filming of the Houston Cars and Coffee After movie, in which some incredible and one of a kind cars feature in.

What do you think, how expensive is the repair going to be?