The HEMTT A4 Wrecker Is The Craziest Tow Vehicle Ever 1

Some of the machines and some of the cars that we have seen being made in these past couple of years have been absolutely stunning. What some people have managed to design and to manufacture are truly inspirational and prove us that no matter what, there is always something new that can be made. This is exactly why we meet with the HEMMTT A4 Wrecker. The only wheeled tow vehicle that you will ever need. It looks so powerful and robust that nothing can stand on its way. We take a look at it in action.

The HEMTT A4 Wrecker Is The Craziest Tow Vehicle Ever 2

It was unveiled at the Sublimity Harvest Festival in 2015 where some of the best such vehicles took part in. However, one of the most stunning ones there had to be the HEMTT A4 Wrecker. It can pull nearly about anything and no load is too heavy for it. You might expect that due to its size and weight, it cannot be fast.

But, as we can see from this short video, that is not true. It moves with such ease and elegance and its brakes work just as flawlessly as well.

The full name of the massive wheeled tow vehicle is Oshkosh M984A4 HEMTT Wrecker and even though we do not know much about its capabilities or price, we are pretty sure that it is extremely expensive.

All of the companies who use these types of vehicles are going to find number and number of practical uses for it. How glorious this machine looks like!