The Process Of Chain Making Is Mesmerizing 1

The internet is a wonderful place to learn new things and discover new ideas; hence people share awesome videos on daily basis. Some of the crazy and gorgeous things that have taken a look so far were all exceptional, but we are ready to take a look at yet another one. Yes indeed, watching how certain and common day objects are made can be surprisingly satisfying and this chain making process is here to prove us just why and how. If you have never known how a chain is made, this is your perfect chance.

The Process Of Chain Making Is Mesmerizing 11

There are several processes that are going simultaneously and each one is thoroughly explained. First of all, a huge coil of wire rod is being turned, and at the same time it is spread out in a straight line.

Then the wire is being lubricated with grease, just so it could be easily maneuvered. To make the diameter of the wire much smaller, it goes through a die which is of a smaller diameter. It is then hardened up and it is finally prepared for cutting.

Electrical tools then cut smaller pieces of the wire and they are looped around one with the other. This is all done in a single motion and it looks mesmerizing. The chain making process is then explained with different style of chain loops and each and every one of it is absolutely satisfying.

Every step is thoroughly explained and absolutely satisfying to watch, so make sure to go through every second of it!