The New Corvette Was Being Forced Induction AWD Hybrid 1

Probably the most difficult feeling ever is the one in which a certain car has just been announced for production but there was not enough information about it. There have been times when we had to wait over a year or so until we got some clue about the car that we have been waiting for so long. Such cars surely have to be the new Corvette. There is not much information about them ever since they were first introduced; however, in this video we take a look at some amazing news about them.

The New Corvette Was Being Forced Induction AWD Hybrid 2

Namely, this guy takes us through some of the leaked information about them. Even though there have been some previous pictures from the C8 Corvette that have surfaced the internet, not much could have been said about it.

The brand new C8 is going to have a mid-engine and as it can be said from the pictures, the car has some amazing wheels, wheels unlike any we have seen so far. When it comes to the new Corvette, there have been certain changes when it comes to the production changes that have been going on with the 2018 model.

GM announced that they will end the production of the 2018 ZR1 a bit earlier than usual, in January 2018, which is somewhat strange and ironic.

However, if you are willing to listen to some more amazing news about these two cars, take a look at this video!