This Car Launched Itself On The Second Floor Of A Building in California 2

There are some videos on the internet that are so hard to believe that you might think that they are in fact fake. Indeed, many times we have been deceived by something that was fake, and this is exactly why the photo and the video we see here might be hard to believe at first. However, what you see here had actually happened and it went viral almost immediately. Namely, a white car launched itself over the road and ended being stuck on the second floor of a building in California.

This Car Launched Itself On The Second Floor Of A Building in California 1

No matter how unbelievable this might look, surveillance camera footage shows us just how it happened. You are going to be shocked! The white car was driving at a very high speed in the direction just across the road and due to the fact that there was a bump there, this caused for the car to launch itself in the sky.

Eventually, it ended hitting in the building just besides the road and getting stuck at the second floor. The footage was shared by the Orange County Fire Authority in Santa Ana, California and we all are stunned by it.

Luckily, even though the two people inside had some minor injuries, they were just fine and they managed to get out from there. This incident was something that went viral immediately and it shocked many people worldwide.

Many are left in wonder of what was the reason of it, but all we hope is that nothing similar will happen in the future!