Businessman Buys Brand New BMW With COINS 11

Many of us own a piggy bank at home and you wonder what you’d be able to purchase with the amount you’ve saved. Well, one Chinese businessman decided to purchase a brand new BMW with the coins he saved. According to local Chinese media, the unnamed businessman who’s in the wholesale business, purchased the BMW for around 400K yuan that converts to $60,000.


However, the peculiar customer decided to pay his first installment for the brand new BMW in just five mao pennies totaling almost $106,000. We suppose that is one way of making these coins useful. However, the workers working at this BMW car retailer were not really glad. They were forced to count the copper coins for hours. According to sources, they even went to the customer’s house in order to get 10 boxes of pennies.

Unfortunately, if you’ve saved that much coins you would not be able to pull a stunt like this in many different other countries. For example, in the United Kingdom, you’d be fortunate to purchase bus tickets if you are not paying with the right change.

However, this is not the first time someone decides to purchase a car like this in China. In 2015, a guy bought his car with coins weighing 300.6 pounds. Back in 2010, a guy bought a car with coins weighing up to 1543 pounds.

However, the record holder is a guy who in 2014 bought a brand new car with coins weighing 2.5 tons. That said, start saving your spare coins and store them safely.

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