Brand New Rusted Chevy Trucks With Only 2-3 Miles Found In A Field 1

Every now and then we tend to come across a video that is going to make us feel sad and happy at the same time. Now, you must be wondering how that could be possible. Well, this video is going to give us the answer how is that possible. Namely, you are going to feel sad once you see in how horrible condition these flee trucks are, but you are going to be amazed once you realize that those trucks are in fact brand new and no one has owned them ever before. Yes, these Chevy trucks have failed to sell and they were left out on this field.

Brand New Rusted Chevy Trucks With Only 2-3 Miles Found In A Field 2

Unfortunately, no one has managed to salvage them and restore them back to life over the years and this man depicts the horrible and sad condition into which they can be seen.

But the saddest part about it is the fact that there are not only one, two or three trucks, instead there are dozens and dozens of 1966 Chevy trucks rusting away. Over the years many people stopped by to take out some parts of these trucks which is very unfortunate.

However, there is no further information about what is going to happen to these flee trucks in the future and we all hope that at least someone is going to show up and resurrect these great vehicles.

It is going to be a long and difficult job, but it is most certainly worth it and everyone will admire it!