Prius Pulls Illegally In Front A BMW Who is at Fault 1

Being part of the everyday traffic, you must be familiar with the fact that danger is always lurking around the corner and you would have to keep your eyes open all the time. Unfortunately, there are times when there is not much that you can do and you get involved in an accident not by your fault. This is exactly something what these drivers in the video learnt, but the hard way. Two cars, the Toyota Prius and the BMW M1, were involved in a horrible accident that was caught on video.

Prius Pulls Illegally In Front A BMW Who is at Fault 2

Namely, we can see the Toyota Prius as it is making the turn around this corner, but instead of keeping to the upmost left lane, it moved towards the right one. There was a BMW M1 that was going at a super high speed just behind the Toyota, thus meaning that it had no chance of avoiding and crashing right into it.

This caused for the BMW to tilt to the side and luckily, it did not flipped over all the way. The video ends just soon after and we do not get the chance to see what has happened next.

All we can say is that we hope that both of the driver were just fine, especially the one in the BMW and that they got just some minor injuries.

Go through the video for couple of times and decide on your own which driver made a mistake and caused this horrible accident!