Some Important Tips To Find Cheap Rental Cars 2

Planning a road trip with your family in the exotic location of your choice can be the best way to escape from the stress of work pressures and spending quality time with your near and dear ones. When you travel to foreign locations or interstate, you can still enjoy road trips with the family by hiring a car that can search in the online. Hiring a car is a popular way for travel that allows you to have complete flexibility and freedom of exploring a new destination with your family. In order to make your travel cost-effective, there are some tips that you need to be aware while searching for cheap online rental cars. Here are some strategies that you can adopt in order to achieve cheap car rentals that can save considerable money for you.

Some Important Tips To Find Cheap Rental Cars 1

Make advance booking

An advance online booking to rent a car will save considerable money for you instead of hiring a car at the counter. In addition, online booking is an easier and quicker process that can be completed in little time by providing the simple details relating to the choice of car and other personal details of individuals renting the car.

It is always better to book in advance especially during peak holiday seasons in order to avail cheap Car Rentals in Perth. You need to ensure that you are carrying all relevant documents, which you need to show as proof for the details you have mentioned while making an advance online booking.

Make the right choice of car for hire

While looking to hire a cheap vehicle, it is necessary that you book the smallest car that you will need based on the number of family members accompanying you on the trip and other requirements. While you may be tempted to hire a big SUV or higher model sports car for your maximum comfort, you need to keep in mind that these vehicles consume a lot of fuel and hence more costly as compared to smaller ones.

Fuel consumption and practicalities of the vehicle that you have planned to hire plays a major role in helping you save a lot of money on car rentals. It is also important that you don’t compromise on the journey comfort in your effort to find a car with cheaper rentals.

It is best to avoid airport

Airport rental costs are considerably higher than what you normally find in the off-airport hire, due to the higher tax rates levied in the airport as compared to other places. It is not uncommon to see that all items including food items that are sold in the airport are very expensive due to the expensive nature of renting and operating business space inside the airport.

The additional cost is completely passed on to the customer thus making all things available overpriced as compared to the downtown location.  Thus, it is one of the important car rental mistakes that you need to avoid, that can significantly reduce your travel cost. It is better to find an off-airport rental company that is located at the closest distance possible from the airport.

Some Important Tips To Find Cheap Rental Cars 3

Make adjustments in pick-up and drop-off times

While searching for cheap rental cars online, you can find that weekend car rental rates are higher as compared to weekly rates. If you are a leisure traveler looking for a cheap rental car, then make adjustments in the travel days so that you can make the best use of this advantage of hiring car on weekdays.

You can also find that the pick-up and drop-off times of car rental companies are mostly in the increments of half hour, so it is advisable to tweak these times, which can actually lower your car rental rate.

Be aware of fuel policy options

The fuel policy of car rental providers differs from companies to companies, which you need to be fully aware by checking with the terms and conditions of the particular car rental company.

Some companies will ask you to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel that it had when you hired the vehicle. While other companies will require to pay for the fuel that the car holds, which can be significantly higher than the cost that is charged at the petrol station.