You might think maintaining your tires is a pain, but the truth is proper tire maintenance will only help you. There are ways for you to get the most out of a set of tires, so they not only keep you safe but also save you money. Tires are a very important component and they are also not as cheap as changing a car deodorant. Not to mention that a car does not have one but four tires. For conversion we usually need to change the same pair of tires at the front or at the rear instead of one tire once changed. Therefore vehicle tires deserve serious attention by the owner.

Importance of Proper Tire Maintenance 1

Wind pressure checks and regular maintenance such as making balance and wheel alignment are very important. Depending on the condition of the tire, sometimes the position of the tire must also be re-positioned (rotating) to extend its life

The easiest step and can be done yourself is to check the tire air pressure while refueling at petrol stations. As of the day this article was written, the service is free. Hopefully it stays free even though there are some parties spreading rumors before that we will be charged while refueling the tires at the gas station. Tires that have adequate air pressure will last longer than tires with less air or too much air pressure.

According to a simple calculation, a tire that always has a pressure 20 percent lower than it should have will have a 20 percent shorter lifespan than it should. For example, a tire that is supposed to last up to 60,000 kilometres will only last up to 48,000 kilometres. That’s a lot, gentlemen. Less pressure tires will also cause the vehicle to use more petrol than it should due to more resistance.

When filling in air, be sure to refer to the tire air pressure chart that is usually on the side of the driver’s side door. Do not play press or turn the air pressure knob at will (We have seen some drivers fill the air of a Proton Wira car with the same pressure for an 18-wheel container truck) TIRE AIR PRESSURE: WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW? tire-pressure-gauge

Check tire air pressure monthly, including replacement tires. Even if you don’t detect any defects in the tire, the pressure will drop by about 1 psi (pressure per square inch in pound units) each month. In fact, it will go down faster if there is a leak on the tire body or a leak on the air valve.

Benefits of Maintaining Tires

Properly maintained tires are inflated, aligned, and balanced for optimal performance when you drive.

Protecting your tires is essentialfor your safety, your vehicle’s efficiency, and your wallet. Proper tire maintenance has to do with paying attention to your tire’s pressure, condition, and alignment on your car.

Tires can be the reason why you get into an accident, or they might be why you’re spending more money on gas than you need to.

The benefits of tire maintenance are that you prevent accidents and you save money. The reap the rewards of proper tire maintenance; you don’t need frequent visits to a shop.You just need to pay attention to your tires.

Save Money

Tire maintenance ultimately improves the health of your tires so that they will last longer. Since your tires are in better shape, they will also require less fuel and be less of a road hazard when you drive.

Higher Fuel Efficiency

Most vehicles have underinflated tires because many drivers don’t maintain their cars. However, this is costing them fuel efficiency. It is estimated that for every 2.96 psi (pounds per square inch) that a tire is underinflated, the vehicle loses one percent in miles to the gallon.

Your car needs to work harder when its tires don’t have the pressure they need. Therefore, you lose fuel efficiency. Ultimately this will cost you more money at the pump.

Spend Less on New Tires

Another way that proper tire maintenance saves you money is that you spend less on new tires. Properly aligned and well-inflated tires maximize their lifespan. Your tires will last longer,so you will spend less on repairs or a new set.


Tire maintenance could save your life on the road. This is another reason why tire maintenance is so essential. Underinflated or overloaded tires can result in uneven wear on their treads. This will reduce your car’s ability to brake properly.

Also, an excess amount of heat can lead to tire failure while you’re on the road, making your car prone to accidents.

How to Maintain Tires

You can easily do maintenance by checking on your car’s tires about once a month. You want to check for the proper pressure, alignment and also see if you need to replace your tires. You’ll want to get a new set for your car every 6,000 miles.

You can also find a tire service center to check your tire condition or to provide new tires where you live.