The Best Worst Engine Swaps 1

In the world of modifications and engine swaps everything is allowed, but this does not necessarily have to mean that no matter what you do is going to look great. Yes, we must admit that even though there are certain car overhauls which look absolutely stunning, there are still some which according to many criteria look awful. Hereby, in this discussion we check out which are the best and which are the worst engine swaps that we have seen so far. Our guys Ben and Andrew take us through some of the facts.

The Best Worst Engine Swaps 2

The discussion begins with Ben sharing his idea on what could possibly be the best engine swap that he has ever seen. He says that watching a mighty Ferrari V8 being installed in a Toyota 86. Even though the owner built the car specifically for drifting, he could have been seen driving it around the streets on daily basis.

Andrew’s favorite conversion car also features a V8 engine, but this time it is a Hellcat installed in a Toyota Prius. It surely does look amazing and those 707 HP will make this Toyota one of the most spectacular such cars that we have ever seen.

However, when it comes to awful car conversions, the ones where a water-cooled Subaru engine is placed into an air-cooled Volkswagen is surely one of the worst that there is.

Even though this might boost your VW with a bit more power, it will eventually make your car look much worse!