senate bill EV market crash

The world we live in is constantly changing and we are witnessing some strange things that are happening. New laws are introduced ever so often and this trend is expected to grow even more. Now, all of this might even not be that bad if the laws that are being introduced are not that crazy. Namely, the latest Senate bill in Texas might actually provoke a crash in the electric vehicles market if it eventually goes through. Owning an EV nowadays is not cheap but if you do the math, on the long term it is quite affordable. You do not have to pay for fuel anymore, right?  

senate bill EV market crash 1

Well, in the state of Texas something terrible is about to happen and all of this might actually change. Namely, the new Senate bill will make EV owners to pay additional tax for simply having such a car. All of this sounds crazy but the government is only looking for ways to get money from the people.

The explanation for this proposed bill is fairly simple. Electric vehicle owners do not pay anything for fuel, meaning they do not pay any taxes from oil revenue. Once you put everything together, you soon realize that the country is losing money because of this.  

Of course, they had to come up with an idea to get those money back from the people, thus this Senate bill was created in the state of Texas. If the bill actually goes through there, it might become a domino effect in the rest of the states, meaning it can go nationwide.

This is definitely not the news that electric vehicle owners wanted to hear. Like it or not, if it actually becomes a law, you are going to obey it nonetheless. However, what do the numbers say about this law, how much money would all this cost? 

Well, this compensation for fuel might see you charging as much as $400 per year! Yes, that is a lot of money to be paid annually for simply owning an electric vehicle. The thing that worries many people is that this proposed Senate bill is already backed up by one Democrat and two Republicans.

Namely, Senator Beverly Powell, a Democrat, and Senators Robert Nichols and Charles Schwertner, both of which are Republicans, are pushing this bill to become reality. No one knows if it is actually going to happen but the odds are kind of closing in.  

Last but not least is the answer we are trying to get to the following question; how is all of this going to affect the electric vehicle industry? Namely, can one seemingly harmless Senate bill cause a crash to the market?

It seems that there is not right or wrong answer, we can only wait and see what time will tell. Until then, we can only hope that this bill will not actually go through, as no one wants to pay extra simply due to the fact that they own something, something that saves the planet from pollution! 

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